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    Rank: Princesses of Donesque


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    Rank: Princesses of Donesque

    Post by Domdavden on Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:13 pm

    Name of Rank: Princesses of Donesque
    Required Race: Donesquian
    Required Gender: Female
    Required RP Status: 3

    Many decades ago a dark being had entered the kingdom, hidden amongst the shadows, bringing with him nothing but a cloud of darkness. Within months the gardens of Donesque turned brown, their death striking the kingdom almost suddenly; as the flowers died so did the king. The whole kingdom surrounded the castle, their candles lit as they marched in hope of their king being cured of this phantomous disease, of this disease that had taken their kingdom by surprise. The king was married to the beautiful queen Serenity who had given birth to three beautiful princesses who would later succeed their father and take his throne; they went by the names of Valerie, Destiny and Calliope.The king passed away during the march, causing the entire kingdom to fall into an utter panic and distress as they all retreated home, the king had been killed and the princesses were now vulnerable to attack.

    Months passed and flowers started blooming, Serenity's heart had been re-ignited as she fell in love with one of the former kings guards; Carlos. The girls took an instant liking to their mother's newly found love and within a year the marriage was a sure-thing, once again giving the princesses a man to look up to but also a new protector of Donesque! The girls would once again suffer a tragic loss, their ages ranging from two to five, would see them losing their mother in a battle amongst dark rogues; revealing 'Carlos' true nature; his true identity. The man who had been going by the name Carlos was actually a known dark-sorcerer known as Morthanos, the darkness that had entered the kingdom had been found; it was their king. Knowing that the kingdom would soon choose the girls to succeed him he decided to separate them- hoping to keep them apart for as long as possible because if they were to come together a great power would be unleashed; the kind of power that could see him off his throne. Destiny, the eldest daughter would be kept in the Donesque Castle, her step-father able to control her every move. Valerie and Calliope, however, were banished to the town of Donesque as mere peasants, but the question still remains: will the girls re-unite and strike their father off his throne or will Donesque perish under his ruling; allowing him to one day oversee every realm, claiming them all as his own?!

    Rank Powers:
    - Knowledge of Trapdoors in Donesque
    - Purple Princess (Fans)
    - Red Princess (Crossbow)
    - Blue Princess (Throwing Knives)

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