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    Rank: Mother Nature


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    Rank: Mother Nature

    Post by Domdavden on Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:23 pm

    Name of Rank: Mother Nature
    Required Race: Hethalone
    Required Gender: Male
    Required RP Status: 3

    Mother Nature is an essence that has been regarded by many religions and scholars by different names, to some she is known as Gaia and to others he is God, but one fact that remains undisputed is its existence. Mother Nature is said to be an entity that strives for harmony, wholeness and balance within its environment, and is known for its stern and sometimes destructive methods. While her true origins cannot be be validified, she is said to be the mother of all Gods, mortals and beings alike.

    For milleniums there were myths and legends concocted and spread by mortal and magical beings, and while very little is known about this entity, it is recorded that she remains dormant for centuries until she finds an appropriate host body. While the host can be vanquished and killed, the essence is said to return to its place of origin, into the atmosphere, until it assumes the body of its next myriad.

    Rank Powers:
    - Nature Teleport Short
    - Nature Teleport to Player
    - Nature Teleport to Place
    - Nature Teleport to Player with Others
    - Nature Teleport to Place with Others
    - Weather Manipulation
    - Summon Hethalone
    - Poison Thorns
    - Water Ball
    - Water Beam

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