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    Races: Sorcerer (Telepathic)


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    Races: Sorcerer (Telepathic)

    Post by Domdavden on Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:17 am

    Many centuries ago mere mortals roamed the earth, that was until a unique collection of humans created a community of beings who practised pagan ways- eventually imbuing themselves with abilities beyond their control. This new breed of mortal, branded the 'Sorcerers', would see a tear within their community due to the rift in alignments. Magic was being used for both good and evil. Their practitioners splitting into covens and cults, each heritage would be led by a family. With the 'Magnoesse' family leading the good and the 'Duskvale' family leading evil, the two alignments would be sworn enemies for evermore- each generation the Wiccan heritage gaining power.

    - Join Teleport
    - Set Marker
    - Telepathic Talk
    - Sense Player
    - Sense Surroundings
    - Thought Implantation
    - Possess Player
    - Mental Exhaustion
    - Mental Overload

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