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    Races: Mitsune


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    Races: Mitsune

    Post by Domdavden on Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:31 pm

    Centuries ago, a cult of Evil Sorcerers who had grown tired of losing out to the good community worked together to construct a beast so foul it could kill brutally and without remorse.  The beast itself was born from a concoction of spells and potions gone awry, with Patient Zero, a mortal captured for their evil experimentation, developing a beast-like attributes and super-human strength. After failing to control his rage, Patient Zero was deemed far too hostile to be controlled, and subsequently broke free, hiding in the depth of the Earthly forest. At first, Patient Zero would hunt and feast off mortal victims, that was until his lust led him to forcefully procreating with a mortal. The female grew pregnant and unbeknown to her, birthed the very first Mitsune... a human-looking figure who harboured the ability to transform into his beastly form. Since the delivery of the first Mitsune, the race itself developed rapidly and spread throughout society quicker than an epidemic- with the beasts harbouring both humane and beastly characteristics.

    - Join Teleport
    - Set Marker
    - Forceful Push
    - Howl
    - Sniff Surroundings
    - Superspeed
    - Transform into Bestial Form

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